Using the Sun to boost your Immunity

by Jonathan Lawrence
2 minutes
Using the Sun to boost your Immunity

Covid-19 is affecting many people in this country. This has coincided with some glorious weather, certainly here in the South West.

You may know that getting sunshine on the skin has many immune boosting benefits not least is the production of vitamin D which helps your immune system a lot!. So go and get some sun! Hold on! Just get your sun with caution. The strength of the sun is getting toward the summer peak and in the middle of the day we cannot tolerate too much. Over time you will more tolerant to longer exposure.

The way I get my dose of sun is to limit the exposure especially when it is at it's strongest between 11am and 3pm. Then I cover up. I don't use sun screen because you want the sun to touch you and because sun screens contain chemicals that are potentially toxic. So for me it is a balance of sun and sensible. You may need to put sunscreen on your children there are some non-toxic versions.

This method has held me in good stead when I lived in Africa as a child and when I visited Australia.

Vitamin D is manufactured in the body from the oils produced on the skin in response to the sun. I believe it takes 3 days too complete this process.

Natural light outdoors is also good for your hormones and sets your body clock.

One part of the spectrum of light from the sun, infra-red, can penetrate quite deeply into the body and some scientists believe that this helps produce energy. It certainly makes us feel better.

Go and make the sun your friend!