Strategies for Coping With Covid-19 Naturally

by Jonathan Lawrence
~1 minute
Strategies for Coping With Covid-19 Naturally

Covid-19 is a highly transmissable coronavirus which in some cases can be extremely serious and sometimes fatal.

The good news appears to be that the pandemic is not as bad as the original modelling suggested. However those most susceptible appear to be individuals with other conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. Age is another major risk factor.

There are attempts to find new drugs and vaccines to deal with the pandemic, though this takes time. In the meantime a number of drugs appear to be helpful one of which is chloroquine an anti-malarial. Also there are number of doctors world wide that have been using high dose intravenous vitamin C with apparent good success.

Cuba is trialling homoeopathic remedies following the amazing success they had in treating leptosiprosis using homoeopathy. Homoeopathy has an excellent track record in epidemics.

As regards supplements in addition to Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc are recommended by some doctors and practitioners. Iodine taken via a salt pipe is also an excellent anti-viral as demonstrated by Dr Sarah Myhill here:

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