Homoeopathy in Epidemics

by Rosemary Lawrence
6 minutes
Homoeopathy in Epidemics

These are extraordinary and exceptional times. For the first time in history much of the world has been in 'lockdown' (a term derived from the American prison system) or quarantine. Normally it is the ill or vulnerable who are quarantined. This time it is the healthy. The economy in the UK has been mostly shut down and GDP has plummeted more than at any time in the last few hundred years.

This is in response to a novel virus of the family of coronaviruses that include the common cold. This particular virus is highly transmissible and is very dangerous to the elderly who have other illnesses such as diabetes. There are other at-risk groups too but in general youngsters are spared. Fortunately it seems as if the virus is doing much less damage than the most pessimistic forecast because of, or perhaps in spite of, the actions taken by the authorities as well as the cooperation of the populace.

Coming from a Complementary Medical background it is disappointing to note the lack of interest and even the hostility to some of the more obvious and cheap treatments which may help patients with their immune response. Some of these such as Intravenous Vitamin C have been used apparently successfully by some doctors in the USA and China. Similarly Vitamin D and zinc are obvious candidates for the vulnerable and are readily available, cheap and above all very safe.. See our previous blog https://turningpointclinics.co.uk/Blog/2_Strategies_for_Coping_With_Covid-19_Naturally

It is gratifying to see though that a number of countries are using homoeopathy as a treatment. In India there is an astonishing 200,000 registered homoeopathic doctors. The latest statistics show 5 deaths per million in India in comparison to the UK 600 per million. Cuba is using homoeopathy too and has a rate of 7 deaths per million. Now none of this is absolute proof that homeopathy works in epidemics. There are so many factors to take into consideration however the use of homoeopathy in epidemics has an interesting and rather good record in this respect.

In the 1918 influenza pandemic which is by far the worst in modern times and I believe the reason for some of the fear about the present pandemic, it seems that homeopathic treatment may well have been much more effective than more conventional approaches: See Slide 17 in the presentation: https://www.slideshare.net/drprabhatlkw/homeopathy-in-pandemics-epidemics  Of 24,000 flu cases treated with conventional medical care, the death rate was 28.2 percent; of 26,000 cases treated with homoeopathy, the death rate was a nearly miraculous 1.05 percent.

There are many examples of where homoeopathy has been used in epidemics as illustrated in the slide show link above. One of the most stunning examples however occurred in Cuba:

"In late 2007, after a period of particularly heavy rainfall, Cuba faced an potential epidemic of Leptospirosis but only had enough vaccine to treat 15,000 high-risk people. The government therefore decided to treat the entire population over one year of age (around 2.3 million) in the province worst affected with a homeopathic medicine prepared from the inactivated causative organism by the Cuban National Vaccine Institute.

Within a few weeks the number of cases of Leptospirosis had fallen from the forecast 38 to 4 cases per 100,000 per week, significantly lower than could have been predicted from previous years’ figures. The 8.8 million population of the other provinces did not receive homeopathic treatment and the incidence of the illness was as forecast.

Moreover, the effect seemed to last: there was an 84% reduction in infection in the population who had received the homeopathic treatment region in the following year when, for the first time, incidence did not correlate with rainfall, while the incidence in the untreated region increased by 22%." https://www.foodsmatter.com/natural_medicine_comp_therapies/homeopathy/articles/leptospirosis_cuba.html

The study can be viewed here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20674839/

Two years ago Jonathan and I were privileged to attend the Conference at the Royal Society of Medicine "New Horizons in Water Science-Evidence for Homeopathy" hosted by the late Dr Peter Fisher physician to Her Majesty the Queen and featuring two Nobel Prize winning scientists including Dr Luc Montagnier discoverer of HIV.  The conference highlighted a number of emerging areas of scientific research that may be able to explain the mechanism of homoeopathy. These presentations can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ZfccmzItE0gZZUdOQHqxZWBZCB4r_wm

Disease is part of the ecology of life. Viruses will always be present, indeed some viruses are good for us! When we cannot defeat the disease directly or quickly I am certain that we can make it much harder for the disease by the use of good diet, targeted supplements and homoeopathy. These methods are cheap and safe.

We have nothing to lose.

Yours in Health,