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'Following the Science', a Wider Perspective.

There is a variety of scientific and political views about the pandemic that are not fully represented in the mainstream media. Here are links to alternative viewpoints.

Author Jonathan Lawrence
3 minutes

Immunity? Naturally!

Living well is the best immunity. That's why I choose to boost my immune system naturally by eating a well balanced diet and taking exercise.

Author Jonathan Lawrence
11 minutes

Don't Feed the Fear

If you are not anxious or fearful at this time you must be quite exceptional, congratulations!. Our world has been turned upside down.

Author Jonathan Lawrence
4 minutes

Using the Sun to boost your Immunity

You may know that getting sunshine on the skin has many immune boosting benefits not least is the production of vitamin D which helps your immune system a lot!

Author Jonathan Lawrence
2 minutes

Strategies for Coping With Covid-19 Naturally

Vitamin D and zinc are recommended by some doctors and practitioners. Iodine taken via a salt pipe is also an excellent anti-viral.

Author Jonathan Lawrence
~1 minute