Following guidelines regarding Covid-19 pandemic. We ask patients not to attend appointments if you have been in contact with others who have the disease, if you have been to an infected area or have symptoms of persistent cough and/or a fever.

If you need to cancel for this reason please ring the clinic 01769 574833 and leave a message if necessary. We have a waiting list to fill appointments.

This is a fluid situation and Turning Point is keeping up with advice from Government and Professional Bodies. The clinic remains open but we have made telephone consultations available at no extra cost for those who consider themselves at most risk.

We have rearranged the waiting area, toilets and consulting rooms making it easier to clean surfaces. These will be cleaned more frequently.

We request that patients wash their hands on entering the premises. All staff will wash their hands regularly.

We will not be leaving a water jug out as usual but patients can request a glass of water.

Homeopathic protocols that may help with the immune response to this virus are available following a consultation. Please contact the clinic for more information.

As the situation develops we will keep you updated on our facebook page.

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Homotoxicology Biodiagnostics

Homotoxicology BiodiagnosticsHomo = human; toxicology = removing human toxins






What is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology (also known as bio-diagnostics) is a modern form of homoeopathy, that bridges classical homoeopathy and modern medicine. It was devised by a German doctor, Dr Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, during the 1940s and 50s. He developed a system of homoeopathy using combinations of homoeopathic remedies to bring about healing.
Homotoxicology regards disease as the result of toxins within the organs and tissues, which the body is unable to get rid of. Once the toxins are removed, successful healing can take place. If the toxins are suppressed, they may then go deeper into the body tissues, and this may in time, lead to serious degenerative illnesses.
Homotoxicology is suitable for children and adults.


An initial consultation for new patients will last up to one hour. A case history will be taken and the patient will be asked for the names of any medication currently prescribed to them. Follow up appointments will last approximately 30 minutes. Patients generally require several appointments to clear their problems.
A bio-diagnostics testing machine is used to assess the health of different organs and body tissues and allows treatment to be targeted very specifically. This is done by testing the conductivity of the skin at a number of acupuncture points on the hands and feet. This process is non-invasive and painless.
Patients are requested not to apply hand cream or body lotion to their hands or feet before an appoint-ment as this can affect the bio-diagnostics reading. Anyone with mobility problems can be treated in a downstairs room. Please let us know beforehand.

Homotoxicology Biodiagnostics EAV testingMost patients require three visits or fewer. However, chronic illnesses may take longer.

The machine used can also test for allergies and sensitivities, although elimination of the toxins in the system generally sorts out the allergy.